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CarTorque Series 2: Mazda RX2 Rotary

CarTorque Series 2: Mazda RX2 Rotary


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Getting To Know Mazda Rx2

Everything you need to know about the Mazda Rx2.

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Mazda RX2 Start Brap Brap


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Mazda RX2 13B turbo runs 9s

This Mazda gets a little loose on the track on its way to running 9-second passes at Calder Park. http://www.facebook.com/fullboostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullboostcomau http://www.fullB...

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Mazda RX2 For Sale

Mazda RX2 For Sale.

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Mazda RX2 13b Grass Roots Garage


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Mazda Rx2 GrassRoots Garage


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71 Mazda Rx2 Super Deluxe Wankel Cupe


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Mazda RX2 13B turbo runs 9s

Promaz Racing, Calder Park, May 2003. http://www.facebook.com/fullboostcomau http://www.fullboost.com.au/

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13B rotary turbo Mazda Capella RX2

13B rotary turbo Mazda Capella RX2 from Calder Park ANDRA street drags. http://www.fullBOOST.com.au Get your track gear! http://shop.fullboost.com.au Follow us on social media @ Google https://pl...

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ROTARYdrug__builds worlds first__RX2 COUPE billet inc. QUAD billet 13b bp__featured car__r100 rx3

After spending 600 hours plus so far on build its time to show how aussies build rotors. Full cut bridge billet plates, ROTARYdrug mazda 1200 1300 r100 rx2 rx3 rx4 rx5 rx7 rx8 12a bp pp 13b...

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mazda RX2

set in 1994 a gathering of rotarys in padstow for a super cruise organized by bill nabham to raise money for childrens charity.

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Mazda rx2


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mazda rx2 bridgeport 13B

capella rx2 bridgeport 13B with IDA 51 showed the drifting in MICCA gathering. beautiful ....

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Mazda Rx2 takeoff

A cool vintage old school Mazda 12a rotary warms up and blasts off from Cars and Coffee Portland May 19th 2012.

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Mazda RX2 - Phillip Island Classic 2011

A very brisk Mazda RX2 Gp Nc Historic touring car with Jason Humble behind the wheel. An awesome race with the ultimate comeback after making an error on the 1st lap. Watch and enjoy. If you...

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1971 Mazda RX2 Restore

1971 Mazda RX2 Restore.

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71 Mazda rx2 12a Wankel Cupe

Wankel Super Deluxe Cupe rx2 12 a.

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1972 Mazda RX2 CRZY

After installing a new cooling setup, its running again. Cooling is much better with the aluminum radiator and oil cooler. Needs some fine tuning, I plan to install a MSD 6al next and in the...

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Old-school JDM: 1972 Mazda Rotary Capella GSII (RX2)

It's not often you come across these old-school Mazda rotaries here in Japan. Happily a few will turn out for car shows, either on show or in the surrounding car-parks. That's where I saw this...

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Mazda rx2 1973

Mazda rx2 orijinal Representando Aguada Puerto Rico.

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Mazda Rx2 Rotary Quick Weekend Drive


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Mazda RX2 RX3 Taupo NZ


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ROTARY vs V8 - Mazda RX-2 vs C6 Corvette Z06

N/A Mazda RX2 vs C6 Corvette Z06.

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Mazda RX2 13B turbo ~ Saba Racing

Tony's great sounding Mazda RX2 / Capella 13B rotary bridgeport in action at Calder Park. The car is boosted by an 80mm turbocharger, MicroTech EFI system and backed by a Liberty clutchless...

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Mazda RX2 with Simmons FR-1

Classic Mazda RX2 goes perfectly well with a timeless wheel design: SIMMONS FR-1 See all the simmons wheels available at #TempeTyres ▷ https://www.tempetyres.com.au/wheels?Brand=Simmons Whe...

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Mazda R100, RX2, RX3, RX4 | 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show JCCS | CarNichiWa.com

Mazda R100, RX-2, RX-3, RX-4 | 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show JCCS | CarNichiWa.com Long Beach, Calif., U.S.A. 9/24/16 Video copyright © CarNichiWa.com Audio \

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We have just turned up the boost on Ali's 'ONDABU' RX2 Sedan, now that he has run it in. With more than enough horsepower to make him happy this flame throwing beast is ready to blaze the...

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Mazda R100 RX2 RX3 RX4 RX5

Mazda RX's.

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13B PP Rx2 Coupe Series 3 - Drive Off


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Mazda rx2 burnout

Sila tengok.

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Mazda Rx2 Turbo

This Mazda RX2 came to Cars and Coffee PDX Cascade last Saturday Oct 19 2013. I had a chance to talk with the owner. This old school custom drag set up Mazda Turbo RX2 weighs 2000 lbs, has...

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Bro's mazda rx2 13bre semip semiperipheral


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mazda rx2 skid

rx2 skid burnout 13b bridgy bridgeport.

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